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Jack Davison

BY Joanna Reid

Jack Davison is a bright young art and fashion photographer who has hit the ground running since he first picked up a camera at the age of 15. Raised in rural Essex in the South-East of England, the self-taught photographer is based in London where he frequently contributes for the likes of British Vogue, M Le Monde, The New York Times and many more outstanding publications. Masters such as Man Ray, Vivian Maier and Auguste Sander all play an important role in Davison’s artistic influences. Shedding a new light on the art of photography and portraiture, his monochrome and playful yet surreal aesthetic has made him a prominent voice in the industry.

Jack Davison

In 2020, Davison was invited by Italian fashion house Marni to photograph the Miao people of South-East China, these images can be seen in his book Song Flowers published by Loose Joints. The Miao live primarily in the mountainous regions of South-East China. They make up a population of around 9 million and are China’s fourth largest ethnic minority. They are well known for their cultural richness and artisanal work in embroidery, lace and pleating. Sunflowers takes all of this into account as Davison shoots landscapes, people, techniques and materials of the fascinating Miao communities. This beautiful blend of art and documentary photography showcases Davison’s warm and personal relationships with his subjects.



Photographs is the first photo book published by the British artist and represents 12 years of experimental image making. Spanning from his time spent in America to more contemporary muses, this collection embodies the vast range of Davison’s talent.  Shot on both film and digital, Davison’s appetite for brooding, black and white portraiture reveals how he has become one of the leading portrait artists in the UK across both the fine arts,  fashion, editorial and commercial sectors.















Jack Davison, British Vogue, 2019









Photographs is a beautiful mélange of timeless and contemporary and reveals Davison’s meticulous experimentation and dedication to photography since 2007. Depicting the treatment of light and shade in many of his works, Davison has been heavily influenced by the artistic technique chiaroscuro. Interestingly, many of the images focus on hands and eyes. Bouncing imagination against perception, the viewer therefore is led to question the difference between what we can see and what we can feel. Adding to this, his use of deep shadows and tight framing make many of his works feel like cinematic treasures which we all want to play a part in.

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