Quality in cashmere

CRUSH Collection sources its high-quality yarn from inner Mongolia. Soft, light and with a high degree of warmth, cashmere is one of the finest and most luxurious animal fibres used in the textile industry. This fibre is long-lasting, and provides excellent insulation whilst still allowing your skin to breathe. Made to be worn and loved for a lifetime.

Cashmere is the world's finest natural material with its ultra-thin, soft wool fibers.

Cashmere has the feel and softness of no other textile material you've ever heard of.

Cashmere is a natural, renewable resource that is not harmful to the environment.

Cashmere is 33% lighter than wool, and wool itself is already a light enough fabric。

Quality in design

CRUSH Collection is a company that places a high value on skill and competence. Design is our profession and we take great care of it.

 Our design process is carefully considered and executed by experienced designers - based on the desire to create a healthy, high quality fashion brand - a long way from the mass production of fast fashion. We take care of every single details to pursue the finest results.

 The CRUSH Collection is "slow fashion" - our goal is balanced and sustainable production, based on quality rather than quantity.

 Each year, the CRUSH Collection introduces four series of new designs. Each of them is brought to life through a long process with heart. Each new design is the result of creativity, joy, and crush for cashmere.

Quality in production

Our partners and factories are hand-picked through a really thorough method, with a spotlight on quality and property. 

Our factories have a top-quality and accountable business culture and tradition, and they are committed to suiting all our quality needs.

Quality in the working environment

CRUSH Collection aims to be a fair and attractive workplace, where workers thrive and get to develop on both a particular and professional position.

We care and support each employee’s health and development. As a brand embrace feminme power, there is no ‘gender gap’ in our salaries - women get paid the same as men. Through our Recycled Cashmere Project we created paid work opportunities that respect skilled artisans - regardless of their age.