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CRUSH Collection was founded in Shanghai in 2009. Through the brand, founder and creative director Vivian Chang presents her
take on metropolis modern style.

With design aesthetics deeply rooted in three diverse city cultures: the laid back ease of Los Angeles, the just-right minimalism of
Gothenburg and the vibrant vigour of Shanghai, CRUSH Collection is dedicated to exquisite craftsmanship and one of a kind

Sustainability is our founding spirit and has always been standing at the core of the brand. From design to production, CRUSH
Collection responsibly sources fabrics from the most exclusive suppliers who meet international environmental standards and
have obtained related certifications.

Our philosophy serves the ultimate aspiration of redefining timeless items
with a contemporary, modern and joyful interpret whilst putting emphasis on
textiles that are most beneficial to the planet as well as human well-being;
and eventually, complies with the principles of sustainable, ethical, circular

With an exceptionally contemporary design and lighthearted expression, the
brand has quickly stood out among others and became highly sought-after
upon the establishment. Nowadays, CRUSH Collection is available in 95
premium retail partners worldwide, including Lane Crawford, Breeze Center,
Labelhood, SKP, ART HAUS Taiwan and Net-a-Porter China.


- 2009 Launched the first A/W knitwear collection.
- 2010 Participated the Shanghai World Expo.
- 2011 Presented during Shanghai Fashion Week.
- 2012 Participated the International Woolmark Prize Asia upon the invitation from
VOGUE China.
- 2014 Presented in the concept store Dongliang Shanghai and Beijing.
- 2016 Released the collaboration collection with Chinese actress/supermodel Du Juan.
- 2017 Became the first Asian knitwear designer brand to collaborate with Club
Monaco, with selected styles available in 30 Club Monaco boutiques across Asia.
- 2018 Released the natural raw silk collection.
- 2021 Released the recycled cashmere collection.
- 2022 Currently selling at 92 stores/retailers worldwide, 95% of retailers are in Greater
China region. CRUSH Collection’s next 3 years goal is to expand towards European
and North American market.


The instant of having a crush can be fleeting, though the sensations
within are continuously heaving — we all know about it by heart.

Our crush starts with the given warmth and next-to-skin touch of
cashmere; today, the enormous adoration for the softness and
safety that natural fibres are born to offer absolutely grows

Therefore, to preserve the ceaseless affections, we have prolonged
the passing moment into abiding core values.


Sustainability is our founding spirit and has always been standing at the core of the
brand. Even when more than a decade ago, most people only thought of it as a
relatively unfamiliar concept.

Our initial intention was plain and simple: we see no reason to burden the
environment simply because we long to dress stylishly and comfortably, or we are
determined to create a new fashion brand.

We hope, and we are optimistically confident, that we can live in harmony with the
ecosystem through responsible conduct of design, sourcing, production and

It won’t be easy, but if we care sincerely about the collective good, the way we make
and consume has to be more conscious and sustainable. The resulting future benefits
to all of us will be profound and long-lasting.

People centred [ ETHICAL CODE ]

As a business, we rely on people — people who work for us, who
work with us, and who support us. We intensely care for all of

We are a female-founded and women-led company with an
inclusive and broad mind. We value long term cooperation both
internally and externally, based on the belief, that we can go
further and create benefits on a richer level when we are
accompanied by people who share our visions and pursuits.

We hope to utilise our unique positioning and voice to influence
and truly make a difference.