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We Practice Sustainability by 2, 3 & 1

2 Focuses

Our sustainability journey set off from the affection to natural fibres, all subsequent enrichment are conducted on this basis. With time, our performance on this has continued to strengthen: today, we use no less than 80% natural fibres for each season, with a steady growth in certification. For the latest Pre-Fall 2022 collection, we have achieved using nearly 100% natural fibres of the highest quality, and as much as 60% of this is certified. With this as a benchmark, we will make further enhancements in the coming years.

In addition to the extensive use of natural fibres, increasing transparency and traceability in the supply chain is also the key for us to ensure sustainability both in regards to the environmental and social factors. We recognise that it is challenging and strive to constantly develop our practices in this area. In connection to this, we prioritise responsible procurement and production with as many sustainable materials as possible. We will also broaden responsibility performance by developing more collaborations with similar-mind brands and creatives.

3 Commitments

For us, sustainability is first and foremost about creating high-quality products that will stand the test of time and can be worn over and over again.
Corresponding to the principles of circular design, at the same time creating timeless styles, we also aim to use as much as possible safe, recycled, renewable inputs. From design to production, we responsibly source fibres from trustworthy suppliers who meet international environmental standards and have obtained related certifications.

Ethical Production

We are committed to ethical production for a minimal impact on the environment. We care about where and how we produce: whenever possible, we aim to choose the produce closer to the supplier, to avoid long-distance logistics. And we truly treasure when materials are recycled or the final product can be recreated in some way when its life cycle is served to an end. We are committed to taking responsibility for reducing the impact we leave on the planet.

Chemical Management

Our chemical policy is strict, especially in the dyeing process, for it impacts the
environment severely. We make sure that our products never contain any chemicals or harmful substances. Furthermore, we test our products continually, and most of our yarns are certified with OEKO-TEX® standard.

Using Certificates

We use as much as possible certified materials as a way to secure environmental standards and social fairness in our production. Our teams always keep up to date with new standards and carefully select the best materials for each of our products.

The certifications we currently engage with include OEKO-TEX® standards, Sustainable Fibre Alliance(SFA), Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), Global Recycled Standard (GRS), The Organic Content Standard (OCS) etc..

1 Collection: Recycled Cashmere

The Recycled Cashmere collection started when, after a decade of operation, we had saved up dead-stock from the production and many customers have been asking if we could re-knit their old items, or to repair some shrunk ones caused by accidentally false caring.

Instead of purchasing prepared fibres on the market directly, our team spent more than two years crafting our own recycling techniques in 6 steps: sorting, cleaning, carding, meticulous spinning, steaming and knitting.

As our founder, Vivian always says, “I hope not only to design clothes but to tell
people that each premium cashmere garment is so rare and precious, it takes
tremendous time to achieve perfection, so each of them should be cherished.”
Therefore, to make this collection even more purposeful, we collaborated with an elder women artisan collective based in Chongming, Shanghai.

What makes this collective special is that, the members are all proficient in a traditional hand-knitting technique that can be dated back to the 13th century. The process of making the Recycled Cashmere collection is a tribute to these women and the ethos of craftsmanship. We reconstructed the very spinning machine from the old times and applied all the precious techniques into each garment.

The result is, we created the softest cloud-feeling recycled cashmere. And the scene of these skilful, cheerful women engaged in their work time and time again inspire us the continuation of excellence and the pursuit of craftsmanship.

For us, a garment is never a simple garment, it forever embodies people --- people who wear it, and people who made it. While giving these worn-out fibres a second life, we, and all the artisans who bring this vision to life, stitch the warmest and finest memories into each thread.